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itozurudoi tf151
Our Herd
Currently being built up, our female full blood herd is growing day by day.  We believe that by selecting sires that breed good females, we will in the near future be producing some of the breed's best stud sires out of those females.  Only a good female herd, will produce the best stud sires. 
The sires we are using to form the base of our herd are selected not only on EBVs, but on GEBVs as well as carcass data coming from their progeny.  These are therefore proven sires that will produce stellar progeny.
Some may state that growth and marbling doesn't come together in one animal, but we at Trifill Wagyu will be proving the critics wrong. 
Some of the sires that for the base of our herd are Macquarie Prelude M0495, Macquarie M0478, Coates Itosigenami G113, Sumo Michifuku F154, as well as F126. Furthermore from the earlier sires we have Itozorudoi TF 151, Itoshigenami 148, Itoshigefuji 147 and Macquarie Y408.
Around mid 2018  we took a turn for the better in our genetic journey and never looked back since then.  Through excellent partnerships both local and internationally, we've partnered up with arguably some of the best breeders in the world.  Special mention should go to Johan de Vos and the team at Stella Wagyu as well as Anthony and Chantal Winter with the Macquarie Wagyu Team.   Together with their advice and our passion for breeding the best herd possible, that's exactly what we have been striving for the last couple of years.
Breeding Wagyu, data is without a doubt your most important asset.  Breedplan should be involved in all your mating and selection decisions.
There are three major Japanese Black Wagyu bloodlines.
Tajiri or Tajima – Originating from the Hyogo prefecture, these black cattle were originally used to pull carts and ploughs so the developed larger forequarters and lighter hindquarters. They are generally smaller framed with slower growth rates, but produce excellent meat quality with large eye muscle and superior marbling. They are thought to be ideal for the production of F1 cattle for slaughter. The Tajima bloodlines are generally regarded as producing the best quality meat in all of Japan.
Fujiyoshi or Shimane – From the Okayama prefecture they are medium framed, have average growth rates as compared to the other 2 strains of Black Wagyu, have good maternal qualities, good fertility and produce good meat quality.Fujiyoshi strain is often referred to as Shimane. These animals are medium framed, have average growth rates as compared to the other 2 strains of Black Wagyu, have good maternal qualities, good fertility and produce good meat quality.
Tottori or Kedaka – From the Tottori prefecture they were originally pack animals in the grain industry, so they are larger animals with straight, strong back lines and generally good growth rates. However, their meat quality is variable. Best strain for milking ability.
A combination of all 3 lines are often used for Fullblood meat production.
The Red lines (Akaushi)
Kochi and Kumamoto – They have been strongly influenced by Korean and European breeds, particularly the Simmental.


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