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As you know by now, because you have read all the info on our site about why you need to form a intimate bond with Wagyu Beef, we can now explain the different classes of marbling we can offer you here at the Trifill Butcher Shop.  Or else you can just skip this part and go straight to ordering your best eating experience yet with the order form below


The Multi range of cuts is our entry- to mid ranged marbling cuts. 

It has a little less marbling in comparison to the Optima range, but still ranges from 3-5 on the Aus meat marbling chart.

It is not as rich, so should be cooked for a shorter period of time with high heat.


The Optima range of cuts is our mid- to high ranged marbling cuts. 

The perfect amount of marbling to meet all your demands.  It ranges from 5-7 on the Aus meat marbling chart

Suitable for any style of cooking, best served medium to rare


The Maximus range of cuts is our high end flagship product. 

The marbling is exceptional and is graded a 8 and above Aus meat marbling chart

These are very delicate cuts with a very high level of marbling and the satisfaction is just as high.

Enjoy responsibly


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