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Founders of the Trifill group, Waldo Scheepers and Johann Stadler each come from very diverse backgrounds. We both have a different story and that is what makes us unique. In the end that is what we aim for in Trifill, diversity!

Backed by a big commercial Bonsmara cattle herd on a farm near Bethal, Mpumalanga, we produce our own feed and we recently started breeding Wagyu beef intensively.


We have a very exciting future ahead of us and would like to make you a part of it.

We aim to provide the market with the highest quality Wagyu genetics in all stadiums of production as soon as possible.


We are already harvesting full blood Wagyu embryos from some of the best local and international genetics available.


Soon we will be able to also provide you with F1 and F2 Progeny of black Wagyu, Akaushi cattle as well as composite full bloods and seed stock.

Our first carcasses were in the market since 2022, thus we are actively working on a feedlot to get cattle into production as soon as possible.

We are members of Wagyu-SA and inline with their goals, traceability is very important to us, and we will be able to provide from birth to slaughter data to all our customers.


This will contain the most important figures like marbling scores and vaccination schedules just to give you the reassurance you need to start your journey alongside the Trifill Group in the agricultural industry.

Furthermore we are also proud members of the Certified Wagyu Beef program in South Africa ensuring the quality of the product we put in the market for our loyal consumers.  The CWB-program has set a licensing agreement for all the roleplayers in the value chain which will be  audited in order to ensure product integrity right through the value chain. 

We are also members of the Australian Wagyu Association. The reason for this is to be able to compare our animals to the best of the best in order to produce the best beef for our consumers.

We have great mentors and are eager to learn more as we drive forward in these industries.


We welcome you to our world, we have big plans for the future, so if you don’t want to be let down watch our page closely for all market related news, sales, auctions and important announcements.


We are looking forward to your partnership with us.


The Trifill Group

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Waldo Scheepers

I obtained a B.Sc Agricultural Science degree from the University of Stellenbosch in 2015 and since then I've been running a commercial farm in Bethal, Mpumalanga. 


The stock and crops that is part of the Trifill Group, is my responsibility and passion.  For any animal breeding, genetics, and husbandry as well as crop sales and storage please feel free to contact me.


Johann Stadler
Herd Veterinarian

I will be spearheading the veterinary department of the Trifill group.

With a special interest in bovine reproduction and feedlotting, I will be using my acquired veterinary skills in supporting the Trifill Group to achieve their strategic goal of ensuring consumer satisfaction through consistent production of quality Wagyu beef.

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